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Be a better... scout, coach, agent, recruiter, on-air personality, journalist, blogger or fan.


Over the course of the Scout School session you will:

  • Learn to enhance your skills at thoroughly evaluating amateur and professional talent.

  • Increase your ability to write a Major League Baseball quality scouting report.

  • Learn to watch the game in a different, more sophisticated way.

Curriculum-position player photp.jpg


Identify Major League Baseball Tools

  • Run - stride, first step and acceleration

  • Throw - arm strength and accuracy

  • Field - footwork, first step instinct, hands

  • Hit - swing, hands, plate coverage, holes and things that can be corrected

  • Power - raw vs. game



Identify Major League Baseball Success Components

  • Delivery and arm speed

  • Arm action and angle

  • Velocity and velocity differentials

  • Movement vs. life

  • Control and command

Curriculum Grading.jpg


Learn the Scale for Major League Baseball Standards

  • Contemporary terminology

  • Comparison of tools and components of prospects to MLB stars

  • Comparison of physical descriptions of prospects to MLB stars

  • Valuation and grading of tools and components

  • Report writing